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The legal industry has been slow to adapt to the way business is done in 21st century. Our founder, Kiel J. Green, Esq., spent years working as in-house counsel for businesses in a variety of industries and saw firsthand how difficult it was to get reliable and cost effective legal representation. He created Emerald Law to change that.


We leverage technology to reduce friction in the attorney client relationship and deliver high quality and responsive legal services at a fraction of the cost of traditional firms.  Our distributed work flow system and low overhead business model allows us to serve our clients from anywhere in the world and pass on our cost savings directly to the businesses we serve. 

In addition to our unique service delivery method, we don't follow a traditional pricing structure. Law firms are one of the few businesses that price their work based on how long it takes to complete. We believe that for most legal work hourly billing is outdated, inefficient, and unfair to our clients. It shifts all the uncertainty to the client and provides no incentive for the firm to complete the work quickly and efficiently. People come to us because we're experts in what we do. As experts, it's our job to be able to price our work and deliver it on schedule. Our inability to do so accurately is a risk we assume, not one we pass on to our clients. For that reason, we offer fixed rate pricing for all transactional and consulting work. 


Many law firms claim to be different, but operate the same way as everyone else. At Emerald Law, we don’t claim to be different, we were designed that way.

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