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Monthly Engagements

General Counsel Solutions for your Business

Businesses work on budgets and so do we. Emerald Law works with many of our clients as an integrated part of the business team. We offer general counsel services that provide the convenience and reliability of having your own in-house attorney with the budgetary flexibility of using an outside counsel. After an initial consultation, we can evaluate your needs and create a package that works for you and your budget at a fixed monthly rate. Plans start at $1500 a month and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Don’t quite need our general counsel services, but still have a need for regular legal advice? Our monthly subscription service might be for you. Think of it as having an on call attorney without having to worry about the sticker shock of the bill at the end of the month – it’s your own personal legal hotline. Our subscriptions offer unlimited phone consultations, and limited letter drafting and document review. Plans start at $500 a month and are completely customizable.

Hourly Engagements

​While we prefer to work with our clients on a flat rate basis, sometimes that’s not practical. Clients can always elect to work with Emerald Law on an hourly fee basis, receiving support throughout projects at a set rate, with fees estimated in advance.

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