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How we charge.

How we work isn’t the only thing that sets us apart: our pricing structure is designed to change the game. Law firms are one of the few businesses that price their work based on how long it takes to complete. We believe that for most legal work, hourly billing is outdated, inefficient, and unfair to our clients. It shifts all the uncertainty to the client and provides no incentive for the firm to complete the work quickly and efficiently. It's our job to be able to price our work and deliver it on schedule. Our inability to do so accurately is a risk we assume, not one we pass on to our clients. For that reason, we offer fixed rate pricing for all transactional, document preparation, and consulting work.

We believe that pricing for legal services should be based on the value of work being done, not the “market rate” of the attorney doing the work. We limit the scope of our practice to the kind of work we can do well, do quickly, and price fairly.

Flat Rate Services

Documents are prepared on a flat-fee basis, which includes working with you and your team to ensure that the documents are right for you. Many of our clients work with us on a project by project basis, engaging us only as they need assistance and without an ongoing financial obligation.

  • New Business Formation

    • Corporation - $4,500

    • Limited Partnership - $1,250

    • LLC - $2,000

  • Business Contracts and Agreements

    • Shareholders' Agreement - $4,500

    • Operating Agreement - $2,000.00

    • Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete/Non-Circumvent​ Agreement - $250

    • Stock Option Agreement - $7,500

    • Consulting Agreement - $750

    • Customer Agreement - $500

    • Master Services Agreement - $4,550

    • Terms of Service (Mobile or Web) - $3,500

    • Privacy Policy - $2,500

  • Business Purchases or Sales

    • Small Business Purchase or Sale (includes due diligence, contract drafting, and payment facilitation) - the greater of $10,000 or 3% of sales price

    • Membership Purchase Agreement - $7,500

    • Asset Purchase Agreement - $5,500​

    • Promissory Note - $2,500.00

  • Annual Compliance: 

    • Corporation - $1500

    • Limited Partnership/LLC’s - $500

  • HR

    • Independent Contractor Agreement - $700

    • Employment Agreement - $700

    • Employee/Independent Contractor Handbook - $3,000 - $5,500

  • Real Estate

    • Commercial Leasing

      • Review - $800

      • Drafting - $3,000+

    • Residential Leasing

      • Review - $200

      • Drafting - $600

    • Residential Purchase (non-closing legal work)

      • Standard - 0.5% of purchase price​

      • Lease Option - 1% of purchase price

      • Short Term Rental - 1.5% of purchase price

    • Joint Venture Agreement - $5,000

    • Letter of Intent - $550

    • Promissory Note - $2,500

We offer flat rate pricing options for all transactional and document preparation work - not just the documents listed above. After a consultation we will be happy to prepare a custom flat rate quote for the work you need done.

Real Estate Pricing

Payment Plans

As part of our commitment to serve all businesses, we offer payment plans for all of our engagements. Whether you’re an entrepreneur bootstrapping your new business, or a business owner who’s cashflow is a little tight, we can find a way to work with you. 

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