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Our Purpose

Our founder’s experience as a general counsel and executive gave him a front row seat to the problems entrepreneurs and growth-minded business owners face in receiving reliable, cost effective, and efficient legal services in today’s market.

Your legal counsel should be your partner, not just a service provider. At Emerald Law, we strive to be a part of your business. Emerald Law takes the time to get to know each client and understand what they do, how they do it, and how we can deliver our services in a way that best suit each one’s unique needs.

See how Emerald Law can be a part of your business.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the life blood of the economy and the communities that they serve.


I believe that every business, no matter what size, should have access to high quality legal services that allow them to reach their full potential. 


The entrepreneurs I’ve worked with have always seemed frustrated by their experiences with the legal services industry. Over the years, I came to realize that the industry is simply not designed to serve them. I created Emerald Law to change that.

 Kiel J. Green, Founder

While every attorney is bound by a code of ethics to serve the interests of their clients, within the law, and with the dignity of our profession, at Emerald Law we take it a step further. We have a code of ethics that applies to the way we do business and how we treat our clients. 


Emerald Law is committed to its core values: 


We will always listen to the needs and concerns of any client, or potential client, and give them a truthful and fair assessment of their legal situation. We will never accept a client that we don’t feel we can provide with exceptional legal counsel. We will always recommend the most cost effective solution for any problem. 


We believe in transparency in pricing and process. We will always provide a flat rate price option for any transactional or document drafting work. We will always provide clients with a plan of attack to solve their problem prior to beginning any work. We ensure that clients always have access to their case and billing information via our client portal and access to their files through our cloud based document management system.


We will always provide time estimates prior to starting a project. We will always seek to adopt new technology and processes to reduce the time spent on projects and the cost to the client.

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